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What do we mean by "Culture of Good"? Who wants just a "Good" culture? We all want an AMAZING Culture!! The Culture of Good is about doing Good in your company, doing Good in your community, and ultimately about doing Good for the world. Don't let the word "Good" fool you. This is more of a statement than a verb.

Whether you are working to establish culture or just want to fine tune what you already have, this book gives you the tools and ideas you need to admirably succeed.
Inside This Book, You Will Go Through Our Journey Of Creating A "Culture Of Good" Within a Billion Dollar Communications Company. 
Our book tells the compelling story of a large-sized family owned company who lost its identity due to its rapid growth through the last several years. Eventually causing stagnate growth and decreasing profits. The challenge of running the business was that it had stopped becoming a mom-and-pop shop. The threat was that it was losing its identity that got it to where it was. 

"If you run a small company that is tied closely together, getting everyone motivated and headed in the same direction is an easier task. But as you grow, challenges occur in getting everyone headed the same way for the same reason." - TCC CEO Scott Moorehead 

Build a Culture of Good is a perfect example of how a company uses compassionate capitalism to truly make an impact on its employees, its customers, and its bottom line. 

Learn Actionable Advice That You Can Implement In Your Business
In Build a Culture of Good, Scott and I share practical advice on how any company, of any size and industry, can pursue the goal of finding its soul by building a Culture of Good.  We share our experiences of what it was like to revitalize a 2 Billion Dollar company's culture as a way to help others learn from our success - and our mistakes.
meet the mEn behind the book
Ryan McCarty and Scott Moorehead
Ryan McCarty (left) has always had a passion for making the world a better place. Ryan's wife and two daughters teamed up with the culture zealot to start a church, build a school in Africa, and launch an after school network that exists across states and even cultures. Although Ryan would like to be an old-school hip-hop star,  he spends his spare time listening to NPR and watching Antique Roadshow while smoking a pipe. 

Scott Moorehead (right) has been a lifelong resident of Indiana. He fell for his future wife in high school, and they set upon a journey of live music, travel, adventure, and raising their two kids. When Scott graduated from Purdue University, he vowed to never be typical in any business venture or challenge. 

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What People Are Saying About Build a Culture of Good On...
A Game Changer!
Review By Peter Winick
This book quite simply is a game changer. While most organizations are complaining about millennials or how hard it is to engage customers and employees in the hyper connected and ultra competitive world we operate in this flips that on its head.
A Must-Read for Anyone in a Leadership Role
Review By Katie
What a refreshing message/movement that the authors have created with Culture of Good, and I believe it's more important now than ever with the current state of our world. Leaders must realize that building a "culture of good" does not JUST benefit YOUR company, YOUR bottom line and YOUR life - but creates a positive change that is amplified globally.

Build a Culture of Good shares valuable lessons learned from the process of bringing a culture of good into the workforce... and inspires readers to do the same. 

Chip Conley, New York Times best-selling author of Emotional Equations

Authenticity is a hallmark of a good brand, and the Culture of Good teaches corporations how to create genuine social initiatives and foster a sense of involvement throughout all levels of the organization. 

Martin Linstrom, author of Brandwashed: TricksCompanies Use to Manipulate Our Minds and Persuade Us to Buy

There are books about connecting with your "why." But this book is about something bigger - "why not?" Why not go beyond corporate profits? Why not go beyond a single corporate cause? Why not get everyone involved in making a difference at a personal level? Read this book and you will rethink the purpose of an organization. Why not get it now? 

Stephen Shapiro, author of Best Practices Are Stupid

Culture is a conversation, led by leaders, about "how we do things right." Build a Culture of Good will show you how to begin, shape, and drive that conversation - and create a world-class organization.

Tim Sanders, author of Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends
Like I mentioned before, this book is free. All I ask is that you help me cover the printing and postage costs ($7.95 US).

Oh, and in case you're wondering....
No, There Is No Catch!
So why am I really doing this....

Well, there are actually a few reasons...
  •  To Spread the Word: Our message is simple. We really do want to make the world a better place. We asked ourselves, if a Non-Profit company can do good then why not a For-Profit. 
  • ​ We get another one of our products in your hands: When you see how impactful this book is, it should get you excited to buy other stuff from us in the future. 
  • ​ You might want our help: I'm not going to lie. We do provide practical advice but there is WORK involved. For some busy Entrepreneurs it's easier to simply work with an expert that does this for clients every day. 
A positive company culture motivates employees, improves production, and builds highly beneficial goodwill in your community. So, if you want the book now then click on the button below!
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